OLAF PALM, A Life in Art

About the Book

OLAF PALM, A Life in Art celebrates the life of Olaf Palm -- a remarkable man -- through his remarkable work.

Coming of age when he did, in Northern California of the mid fifties, when serious artists around him were preoccupied with Abstract Expressionism, Olaf Palm, mesmerized by the Dutch and Flemish masters, struck out in his own painterly direction.

Olaf at his easel Instinctively bohemian, rural in temperament, with plenty of practical life skills, he fell in with friends of the back-to-the-land movement and began his search for the perfect natural environment to suit his own nature. He found it on the Mendocino coast, where on and off for thirty years, he painted his life and lived his painting.

Many people, artists among them, think of Palm as the most accomplished artist to come out of the Mendocino Coast art community, which is saying a great deal, considering this region's national reputation for high quality art and artists.

This book is dedicated to giving those who didn't know him something of the experience of being in Olaf Palm's presence, to demonstrating why those who see his work are instantly smitten -- with his humanity as well as his brush strokes -- and to placing Palm in the context of important California artists.

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Olaf Palm, A Life in Art
Composed, compiled, and edited by Irene D. Thomas, Ph.D.
Designed by Dale Moyer, Moyer Design Inc.
Primary photographer, John Birchard
Published by Redwood Springs Press, Fort Bragg Ca
First Edition 2005

10 x 10 format, 144 pages, 170 full color images of Palm paintings, specifically selected to demonstrate his versatility of style and showcase his genius as a realist. Much of the text is taken from Palm's own journals and letters.

The Epilogue, an essay by the author, tells the story of Palm's last days and describes the rollicking, one-of-a kind funeral Palm choreographed for himself.

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Also available at the Mendocino Art Center and California bookstores.

About the Author/compiler

Irene D. Thomas is a former academic with a Ph.D. in English Linguistics. Her previous publications have been mostly in Education -- essays on pedagogy for and about teachers, textbooks for children, educational software designs -- and Travel. She has been awarded a Fulbright lectureship to Prague, a prize in play writing, and twice the first-place award for creative non-fiction at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference. She is currently finishing a book about another of her passions, Argentine Tango. She lives with her husband on five acres of redwood forest, near Mendocino.

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